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Here is some of the press Joyce has been getting for her new album, Every Road We Take:

“Driving home from her album release concert, I just listened to Joyce Luna’s 'Every Road We Take' twice through & was mesmerized by the quality of the musicianship, the arrangements and the production. It is really outstanding! Showcasing the work of Joyce & her co-producer Ryan Green, the end result is beautiful. I love the way the instruments and voices on certain pieces come in and out; the stops or a capella in some spots; and other dynamics--it is truly gorgeous." Kathy Harris, Concert Promoter

"This is unvarnished folk music of a rare breed...[Luna's] music is poetry refined purely by heart, but entirely unadorned by compositional showboating. Following in the footsteps of artists like Joan Baez or James Taylor, every movement has a purpose, as well as a means to appeal that purpose to listeners in a succinct and evocative way...In just 12 songs, Luna reminds us to not embrace inaction in the face of injustice, to remember that we are all human, that our rougher roads will one day lead to smooth pavement, and that it's okay to have fun amidst that storm that is life...

...Raw, heartful music will never lose its style like it'll never lose its sense of self. Joyce Luna's 'Every Road We Take' is an underrated form of cool, embracing a form of sincerity and clarity that seems to evade many in our current songwriting landscape..." Jonathan Frahm, No Depression Magazine

"Occasionally when you listen to an album, you know that when it is over, you will play the songs again and again. Such is the case with Joyce Luna's 'Every Road We Take'... Luna has a beautiful effervescent voice. It is an instrument that can exude hope, insecurity, determination, angst & joy. She touches many themes - current societal issues, relationships, renewal, love - & navigates them wonderfully. Above all, Joyce Luna's love of singing (and music) is obvious & infectious." John Sillberg, CKOL Radio, Canada

"Joyce Luna writes and sings songs with an authenticity and honesty that are all too rare. In her new CD, 'Every Road We Take', she is both strong and vulnerable with songs that are personal, heartbreaking and uplifting. She is not afraid to address public concerns like gun violence. This is music that should be heard. Listen!" Ron Cooke, KTAL-FM Radio, New Mexico

"Coproduced with Ryan David Green, 'Every Road We Take' is an honest & soul-baring look at the things that make the soul leap & those that make it weep...It's also an unabashed folk music record with Luna singing like a nightingale and the instrumentation—though often woven tightly around the melodies—never competing with the vocals....This is an expertly produced recording and it's a true joy to hear Joyce's voice once again." Rob Weir, Off-Center Views Blog, Massachusetts

"The album is genuine, it is honest, it is forthright. And in that, it is very inspiring, in a world of so much contrivance.... Joyce Luna sparks my interest and makes me curious about her future possibilities. I can’t think of much else that is more flattering." Ryan B. Clark, Keep the Greasy Side Down Magazine, Arizona

“Joyce Luna writes and plays songs that are of the sweet, pure toned Joni Mitchell-inspired variety and despite her relative youth, she approaches the genre in the spirit of the folk godmothers of decades past.” Julie Jennings Patterson, Tucson Sentinel, Arizona

“Joyce Luna’s debut solo album Every Road We Take, co-produced by Ryanhood's Ryan David Green, is comprised of 12 original Americana compositions suffused with a free-spirited romanticism & deftly chronicling the capricious nature of love. Yet, it is Luna's belief that music can and must change the world that is inspirational.” Xavier Omar Otero, Tucson Weekly, Arizona

"To me, a great song has lyrics that are simple, to the point, and deeply meaningful. A great song also has a captivating melody. The songs on Joyce Luna’s 'Every Road We Take' meet this standard and maybe more.”  Ray Naylor, WPPM-FM Radio, Philadelphia 

“I LOVE this CD! Joyce's songs are inspiring, her voice beautiful, the production excellent... an all-around great listen. Bravo!!” Emmy Creigh, musician, educator, author; member of Way Out West


Here's what the critics say about Joyce Luna:

“The complexity and polish will stand you still and stop you breathing just in order to get a better listen. I found it spellbinding, which I proved by driving through a stop sign (luckily without incident) while listening in my car! Joyce’s lyrics are surface lovely, poetic, yet are generally conveying volumes of underlying story as well...”—Shirley Cottle, Folk_Music

“Using guitar, dulcimer, & remarkable melodies, Joyce creates gentle, stirring & sometimes haunting acoustic folk music...Extraordinary.”—Gene Armstrong, Arizona Daily Star

“...Just about the closest thing to musical nirvana you’re going to encounter in this or any other life, unless you’ve been very, very, good indeed & have a major deity owing you a big favor.”—The Metroland

“Lovely words, sung as if directly from some exceptionally magnificent angelic choir. A magnanimous treat for us mere mortals!!! Highly recommended & NOT TO BE MISSED!”—Stavros Moschopoulos, United Nations FAO CASA Gazette, Rome Italy

“An amazing release... Do yourselves (& your listeners) a favor—this one is a keeper!”—Steve Jerrett, KOPN Radio, Columbia MO

“Once in a blue moon I hear something that stops me dead & leaves me staring dumbly at the speakers like a dog at a whistle. Here’s one... So Strong is a special record. You will not regret owning this.”—Paul Rapp, The Metroland

“This stuff is amazing. [Rhythms, Rhymes and Tides is] very different yet perfect for airplay. I had to catch my breath!” —Woody Harris, WWGC Radio, Carrollton GA

“[Joyce] possesses exactly what the throngs of angst-mad modern folk singers only crave: originality, wit & style." —Lahri Bond, Dirty Linen

“A recording filled with gorgeous vocal arrangements, gifted songwriting, & outstanding accompanying players... Listeners who find their way to [Rhythms, Rhymes and Tides] will play it over &over again.— Roberta Schwartz, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“It's not just the romantic music... it's also the sense that [Joyce] still believes when lots of folks have just given up on love, dedication, & equal rights.”—Taylor Caffery, WRKF Radio, Baton Rouge LA

“A Perfect Album... [So Strong ] is total captivation from the opening cut.”— Danna Garcia, Canadian River Music

“The first three cuts of So Strong are among the loveliest songs I’ve heard in quite some time, especially Desert Rain, a song that reminds us that love can be as fragile as a cactus flower waiting to bloom... A singer-songwriter spectacular.”— Rob Weir, Advocate Newspapers

“Heart, integrity, and musical virtuosity.... Rarely does a recording come along these days that can capture my attention & not leave the stereo for days at a time. Such is this bright star [So Strong]...with Joyce’s stunningly beautiful vocals.”— Lahri Bond, Dirty Linen
“Some of the most beautiful and unusual vocal harmonies that I have heard in years.”—David Pyles, Music Alive!
“If I had been able to choose the music that was playing when I was born, it would have been So Strong.  The singing is sublime... The supporting instrumentation is quietly resonant with mood... The messages shine.”— Laura Post, Sing Out!
“Rich, dark timbres and sweet harmonies characterize the magic this duo works; each song has an uncommon emotional depth and vocal beauty, not to mention gorgeous acoustic instrumentation and an exquisitely clear recording. The original song Desert Rain moved this reviewer to tears just reading the lyrics! These women have a true gift.”— Ladyslipper Catalog

Thank you to these folk/americana radio DJs & programs who played Joyce Luna's new album Every Road We Take in May and June 2018!

So far, songs from the album have been played by 40 DJs on 42 shows throughout the United States, Canada, Saskatchewan, Israel, and Australia. All without the help of a publicist or manager! Thank you so much to all of the DJs who took the time to listen to & program the album. Some of you are now friends; all of you are have my deepest gratitude and respect for helping to keep independent music alive!

- Art Menius, The Revolution Starts Now (WCOM, Carrboro and Chapel Hill, NC)
- Artie Mortello, Mostly Folk/Power Folk, (WIOX, NY); Blues & Roots Radio (CAN & AUS)

- Bill Revill, Acoustic Blender (WESU Wesleyan University, Wesleyan CT)
- Bob Weiser, the Old Songs Radio Show (WOMR & WFMR, Provincetown & Orleans MA)

- Brenda Tacik, Deeper Well (CJTR 91.3 FM, Regina, Saskatchewan)

- Carolyn VandeWiele, Roots For Breakfast, & WomenSpace (WFHB - Bloomington, IN)
- Cathy Rivers (KXCI-Tucson, AZ)
- Chris Kocher, The Signal (WHRW - Binghamton, NY)

- Colin Fielding, Folk N Roots (3INR 96.5 FM,  Victoria, Australia)

- Dan Alloway, Folk Fury (KTEP- El Paso, TX)

- Dick Hermans, The Borderline (Robin Hood Radio, Sharon CT, broadcasts through the tri-state area)

- Dick Hermans, New Harmony (WKZE--NY,  broadcasting to the Hudson Valley, NW CT & western MA)

- Ed McKeon, Caterwaul (WWUH-Hartford, CT)
- Gerry Goodfriend, Folk Directions (CKUT - Montreal, QC, Canada)
- Greg Rogan, The Tuesday Night Ramble (KXCI-Tucson, AZ)
- Isaac Banks, Banks Radio Australia

- Jim Canales, Acoustic Revival (WWSP-Stevens Point, WI)

- Joe Pszonek, Radio Nowhere Live (WMSC-FM &
- John Sillberg, Small Time Radio Show, & Serendipity (CKOL - Camblellford & Madoc, ON, Canada)

- Jon Stein, Hootenany Cafe (WTBQ-NY)

- Kathy Harris & Aspen Green, Broad Perspectives (KXCI- Tucson, AZ)

- Ken Batista, An American Sampler (WYEP,- Pittsburgh, PA)
- Ken Nagelberg, It’s For Folks (WHYR -Baton Rouge, LA)
- Kevin Elliot, From the Joshua Tree Inn (WEFT – Champaign, IL)
- Marc Alpert, The MashUp, (KMUZ- Salem, OR)
- Mark Michaelis, Acoustic Harmony (WGDR – Plainfield/Hardwick, VT)
- Matt Milner & Sophie Gibson-Rush, Locals Only (KXCI-Tucson, AZ; live appearance)

- Menachem Vinegrad, WorldWaves (Radio Upper Galilee & Rafio Katzrin, Israel-- "the only station in the Middle East to regularly play World Folk, Americana, Celtic & Blues music")

- Michael Kane, Off the Beaten Path (WBRS-Waltham, MA)
- Ray Baumler, A Variety of Folk (WRUR Rochester NY & WITH, Ithaca NY)
- Ray Naylor, Philly Folk Scene (WPPM, Philadelphia, PA)
- Rich Warren, The Midnight Special (WFMT - Chicago, IL)
- Ron Cooke, Music They Don't Want You to Hear (KTAL, Las Cruces, NM)
- Ron Olesko, Traditions (WFDU - Teaneck, NJ) 
- Stevie Connor, Under the Radar, Blues & Roots Radio

- Susan Forbes Hansen, Watch This Space (WWUH, Hartford CT)
- Susan Forbes Hansen, Sunday Night Folk Festival (WHUS, Storrs CT)
- Taylor Caffery, Hootenanny Power, (WRKF Public Radio, Baton Rouge LA)
- Tom Chrisman, Lunatic Fist, MA ( online streaming radio show)
- Wanda Fisher, The Hudson River Sampler (WAMC FM, Albany New York)

Selected Appearances

Selected Performances:
Tucson Folk Festival, Tucson AZ (2014, 2015, 2016)
Monterey Court, Tucson AZ
First Night, Boston, Brockton, & Northampton MA
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Hillsdale NY
New England Folks Festival, Boston MA
The Folk Project Fall Festival, Stillwater NJ
National Women’s Music Festival, Bloomington IN
Springfest/Fallfest, Camden ME
Gulf Coast Women's Music Festival, Gulfport MS
Marblehead Festival of the Arts, Marblehead MA
Eistedfedd Festival, Dartmouth MA
Campfest, NJ
International Virginia Woolf Conference, Baltimore MD
Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton MA
Club Passim, Cambridge MA
The Eighth Step, Albany NY
Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs NY
Left Bank Cafe, Blue Hill ME
The Sounding Board, Hartford CT
The Folkway, Peterborough NH
Old Vienna Kaffeehaus, Westboro MA
The Folkal Point, Columbia MD
Green Willow Folk Club, Wilmington DE
People’s Voice Cafe, Greenwich Village NY
Four Moon  Coffeehouse, New Orleans LA
Meristem, Memphis TN
The Shell, Memphis TN
Unity & Diversity Conference, Hampshire College, Amherst MA
National Child Rights Alliance Conference, Wellesley MA & Chicago IL
AIDS Action Fund, Cambridge MA
VOICES in Action National Conference, Cherry Hill  NJ
Cross Rip Coffeehouse, Nantucket MA
Fresh Ground Coffeehouse, Gardner MA
U’N’I Coffeehouse, Springfield MA
South Sound Coffeehouse, New Rochelle NY
The Renaissance Coffeehouse, Nashua NH
Uptown Coffeehouse, Bronx NY
Antigone’s, Tucson AZ
Unitarian Church Coffeehouse, Tucson AZ
LB’s, Coral Gables FL
Yale University, New Haven CT
Chaoumbley’s, Brandeis University, Waltham MA
Sundays at Eight, Amherst College, Amherst MA
Sage Colleges, Albany NY
Concord Academy, Concord MA
Univ. of Southern Maine, Portland ME
Bowling Green University, Bowling Green OH
Minstrel Coffeehouse, Basking Ridge NJ
Selected Live Radio:
WHYY, Philadelphia PA (Gene Shay)
WAMC, Albany NY (Wanda Fischer)
WWUH, Hartford CT (Ed McKeon)
WUMB, UMass/Boston, Boston MA
WERS, Emerson College, Boston MA
WADN, Concord MA
WFCR, Amherst MA (Susan Forbes Hanson)
WRSI,  Greenfield MA (Johnny Memphis)
WHUS, Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs CT
WMUA,  UMASS/Amherst, Amherst MA
WRPI, Rensslaer NY (Sonny Ochs)
WPKN, Univ. of Bridgeport, Bridgeport CT
WMFO, Tufts University, Medford MA
WRTC, Trinity College, Hartford CT
WUNH, Univ. of NH, Durham NH
WKNH, Keene Univsity, Keene NH
WVUD, Univ. of Delaware, Wilmington DE
Appearances With:
Ellis Paul
The Story/Jonatha Brooke
disappear fear
Kristina Olsen
Jamie Anderson
David Massengil
Rosalie Sorrells
Catie Curtis
Bob Franke
Ani DiFranco
Lucie Blue Tremblay
Ubaka Hill
Fred Small
Kim & Reggie Harri
Jim Henry
Greg Greenway
Erica Wheeler
The Flirtations
Alice DeMicele
Christopher Shaw
Brooks Williams
Robyn Landis
Eric Hansen